Multicolor Speedy Q.

  1. Does the MC Speedy gets "saggy" like the mongram or damier model?

    Thank you.
  2. a little bit. because there is hardware on the corners to make it structured, it doesn't sag as much as the mono and damier versions.
  3. Any chance someone could post a picture of MC Speedy with lots of things inside? I'm thinking of buying the black MC Speedy but would like to see first how badly it sags.

    Thank you!
  4. take a look in the MC club house and the in action thread, there a few pics
  5. it doesnt sag as much as the regular speedy because of the hardware at the corners. you can probably add a base but that would add to the weight.
  6. The MC speedy sags the least of all the speedys IMO(epi is good also). I really notice the sagging in the mini lin and the mono but I never notice it in my MC speedy.
  7. ya, I don't like the sagging look so I took the advice of many PFers and put a piece of cardboard at the bottom and now it NEVER sags! :yes:
  8. The only bag I let sag is my Speedy 40.. it looks too much like a piece of luggage when it's structured.