Multicolor speedy or Mini Lin speedy


Multicolor speedy white or Mini Lin speedy Ebene

  1. White Multicolor speedy

  2. ebene Mini Lin speedy

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  1. This weekend i went to the LV store. I checked the mini lin. The fabric is better than i thought.

    and i also took a look for the multicolor speedy. it is very pretty.

    I am in the middle of these two now,

    Which one is more durable? which one can be used more? which more can be loved longer?

    sorry girls, this is really confusing me!:confused1:
  2. i would go for the MC speedy
    i like that one much more than the mini lin
  3. I love the Mini Lin, but I think the MC will last you longer...
  4. I would say mini lin.. it will last longer unless you get the multi in black. very classy will go with everything white multi seems like a summer bag to me ...But thats Just my opinion only :O)

    OK had to add daughter said multi if you under 25 :O) LOL
  5. I think the MC is much more of a classic than the min lin, and the canvas is probably more durable than the fabric even though you have to watch the white and the vachetta. But choosing between a white or black bag is really a difficult choice since they're SO different.
  6. I'd go for the MC Speedy :love:
  7. Mc for sure
  8. i'm not crazy about the Multicolore Speedy; too much going on. i have the Mini Lin Speedy and i love it; it's very easy to take care of and i like its subtlety
  9. I love the Mini Lin

  10. mini lin speedy ;)
  11. I'd go for the white MC speedy. I have both,but i like the looks of the MC more. I also think it would last longer than the mini lin fabric. It's more durable
  12. MC SPEEDY!!!

    So much more 'wow' than the mini lin.
  13. I like MC better! It's more classic LV than Mini Lin, and Mini Lin looks pretty, but sorry, also a bit plain to me.
  14. I totally agree with the "wow" for the multicolor. that's also too noticable for the daily to use, maybe it is just me.

  15. MC in white!!