Multicolor Speedy Bags

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  1. I know this bag is an old classic bag but do any of you still carry it? I got mine out out the closet close to the end of summer and carried it for a couple of weeks. But my question to you LV lovers do you still carry this bag? Even though its kind of old now there is something about that bag that I absolutely love and would never get rid of it!! I would love to hear some other opinions!!:tup:
  2. i bought mine in may and i love it. its such a rarity where i live and i kind of like that fact :smile:
  3. to me, no matter how "old" it gets it will always be in style. it's a classic in my eyes. it literally matches every outfit! i remember when i used to think it was tacky but after seeing it IRL, i was stunned. its SO BEAUTIFUL

    i want one!!!!!!!! or maybe two! ^^
  4. i love mine....i have white one and i can carry it all year around where i live (it's almost summer all year!!!) --- but since i put so much stuff in my bag, it does get pretty heavy and it isn't so practical with my almost 2yr my poor speedy sits in my closet alot!!!! lol
  5. Absolutely I still carry them! They are gorgeous!!!!!! I love anything LV and I agree that no matter how "old" they are, they are still beautiful!
  6. I ADORE MINE...i will always use it :heart::heart:
  7. Sadly no, I wanted it so bad when it came out in 2003...and almost stalked the I don't even use it. Last time I used it was at my son's gradualtion...last June :sad:
  8. Yup, just carried the white one a couple of weeks ago.
  9. T_T i LOOOOOVE it and REALLLLLY want one but im on a bag ban. =*(
  10. I got mine in 2004 and I just took her out last Saturday night when I went to have an evening dinner with my family.

    In my opinion, the MC Speedy is a hands down classic and will never go out of style.
  11. I've had my white one for over 2 years now and it's my favourite bag of all times! To me it's a classic and will never be out of style. Just enjoy it! :smile:
  12. i'm saving up for one! when i get my baby i will take her out LOTS and LOTS of times!
  13. Yes and it's one of my favorites :tup:
  14. I love both of mine & use them all the time!
  15. I love mine and have it in black and white. whenever I pull them out, I still love the look of them. gorgeous bags.