Multicolor Speedy back from repairs!!!

  1. Well 6 months later... I just got back my White multicolor speedy after the red interior color leaked through the front pocket.

    So for those of you that was asking me before yes the boutique should repair it for you. It looks great and I'm a happy gal!
  2. oh wow 6mos?? took them long enough
    but congrats on getting your speedy back
  3. Glad you got it back safe and sound.
  4. Before/after pics? :flowers:
  5. Congrats! And yes, before and after pics would be great if you can do that!
  6. Glad you got her back!!
  7. That's great! I would love to take my keepall in (if I get it back from my sister)...but 6 months! OMG! That's a long wait!
  8. I'm happy for you!!! enjoy your "new" bag!!!
  9. Congrats on getting your beloved speedy back.....I guess the wait is so long b/c repairs are only done in France, and i'm sure repairs by hand take time...did they do it for free or did you have to pay for the repair?
  10. Yeahhh welcome back your baby
  11. what did they do to the bag ? do you have pic's ?
  12. Please share pics. Glad she's back home!
  13. I think they should ex that red lining... I'm using my white mc noe today, and had to change out my wallet (azure organizer) cause I was afraid the lining would bleed on it via a post from pfer last week on red lining and her azure. The red lining is pretty, but definately not worth the hassle. Seems a little ridiculous for all the luxury price tags to have to go through this. my opinion.
  14. I'm so glad they were able to fix your speedy!
    I'm with Veronika; I think they should change the lining on the white mc. I would love to have a piece, but I am so freakin' scared of the bleeding!
  15. glad she's back safe and sound !:smile: