Multicolor Speedy 30: For Sale...

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  1. Hi! This is my first post, I've been reading the forums and finally decided to join in.

    My question is, I am so over my black multicolor speedy 30 and am looking to part with it. It's in average condition and has been through many events. What is the most you think I could get for it? I really want a gaucho, so I must part with it...let me know what you guys think.

    I have no problems doing whatever a buyer wants to ensure the authenticity because I paid 1500 something when it was first available on eluxury. I am well aware of all the fakes and I don't want to rip anyone off.

    This is the newest picture I have, I can take more for people who may be seriously interested. This is from this summer haha

  2. Welcome to the forums!

    ROFL, is that a MickeyD's fries wrapper in the bag? I mean it is, I just can't believe how funny that is.
  3. why yes it is. haha... i bought it, might as well use it.
  4. Hey, just wondering, but how much are you asking for it?
  5. at this point i'd seriously consider any offer over $1000
    just because i'm not sure what the going rate is or what people would even shell out for a used bag
  6. How old is it? does it have any scratches or marks in the inside? The most you would probably get in Germany is about 700-800 Euros for a used one on ebay.
  7. Well, Let-trade is offering one in less stellar condition for $999.99 if that helps you decide your asking price.
  8. Let-trade is a well-established MyPoupette seller however, so he can charge higher prices because people trust him and know the quality of customer service that he offers. Before you try and post your listing here, you need to hit 100 posts and been on the boards for 1 month or more, I believe?
  9. I'm not actively trying to sell it, just getting a grasp of what the market is like for it. Thats a pretty sad listing if I intended on making a sale
  10. I would say that eBay is your best bet then; look at what others are charging for similar speedies, find whatever documentation you have, take it in to get reauthenticated. Those will all help you get a better price.
  11. I sold my MC speedy in Black color around 2 months ago for 1150US , but it is like new condition. I think your one could sell for 950? around? .. cos the MC market slow down a bit in the past 6 month.