Multicolor Speedy 30... Calling All Owners!!

  1. I am literally obsessed now with getting a white MC speedy 30. Fascinating, because I swear 6 months ago I thought to myself, that bag is just too big and heavy, and what on earth would one carry in it?

    So, to help justify my reason to get one, I am curious to know if you find it too large for an every day bag, and if not, how full is your MC speedy 30? And what do you put in there? Do you find the big heavy zipper pull too heavy?
  2. I have a black one. Nope don't think it's too heavy or large for an everyday bag ! I always have my MC PTI in there, Sunglasses & case, MC cles & car keys. And then "whatever else" I toss in there.
  3. It's not too heavy IMO. It's a beautiful bag. I'm taking mine in to get new handles this week. It holds it's shape, even when very little is in it. Doesn't sag like the regular Speedy.
  4. I have a white one that I use as a summer bag. I think it's a really beautiful bag, but you have to mind what you wear with it IMO. I use it with very simple outfits, like white linen pants and a plain top for example. A friend of mine has a Trouville and she has a love for big patterns on her tops. Her outfits tends to get a bit "busy" for my taste. Anyway, it's a great bag, fits lots of stuff and I wouldn't live without it.
  5. You know what? I actually do like the Multicolour range despite the fact that it's a monogram collection.. Many know I don't like the whole monogram business, but the multicolour one gets my thumbs up!
  6. The EXACT same thing happened to me! I thought it was too big and heavy...and then 6 months later I got it!
    I don't think it is THAT it holds its shape.
  7. thanks guys!
  8. I love it as an everday bag, not too big at fact just a tad small for me.
    Not heavy at all!
  9. I don't think it is heavy at all, and the size is just right for my everyday needs. I'm still in love with it!
  10. Well I have to give you my honest opinion. I did own a MC speedy 30 and these were the contents that I would carry on an everyday basis. It weighs about 4 times more in an MC speedy SUPER DUPER heavy, were talking major arm ache for me:push: Even when the bag is empty it feels full:wtf: So for me it just didnt work.
  11. i love the mc speedy! if only it didnt have that gosh darn pocket...
  12. Nope not too heavy at all, And the zipper isn't heavy at all either. I have 2 other versace bags with the same zipper, and never had a problem with any of them.
  13. I love the MC speedy! I have the white one and I don't think it's too heavy at all! I'm not even really a handheld gal, but I love the speedy!

    I consider it a weekend bag though just because I don't want to bring such a recognizable designer bag to work. Just to avoid all the questions like "You spent how much on that?!".

    I normally would carry in it my LV accordeon wallet, LV koala agenda, sunglasses, bottle of water, makeup, gum, key holder, lv cles to hold change, cell phone.

    I guess it really all comes down to what you're used to carrying... because if you're not used to carrying around much then perhaps you may find it a bit heavy.
  14. Perfect for daily :yes: I use my MC White Speedy as daily bag and it's not too heavy for me but it's pretty roomy. I can't bring all my 'war' ( make-up, lol ) equipment, 2 wallet, mobile & PDA, sunglasses, agenda & my charm-teddy-bear.

    The only one problem, the handle turn darker by daily used...
  15. So, to help justify my reason to get one, I am curious to know if you find it too large for an every day bag, and if not, how full is your MC speedy 30?
    I don't use it as an everyday bag, cuz I think there's too much "bling" going on and it just doesn't fit in with my lifestyle (I'm a university Med student, so going to school is a hassel already lol and I don't wanna set off the wrong image to my Med peers/profs). HOwever, if it fits in with your career then sure, go ahead. Also, when I do use it, it's usually about 1/2 full and I try not to put heavy things in it (eg books, waterbottle).

    And what do you put in there?
    Well, no books or waterbottle lol for sure because I don't wanna put too much weight on the handles and kill them lol (which happened to one PFer.....:push: ), and NOT because I can't handle the weight. Otherwise, I put in all the usual stuff: wallet, wapity, makeup, kleenex, cell phone, cles, candies/mint, and sometimes my agenda and scarf

    Do you find the big heavy zipper pull too heavy?
    Nope, I like heavy bags cuz they make me feel like I'm carrying gold lol