multicolor question

  1. I just have a quick multicolor question....

    For all the multicolor bags, and wallets and whatnot....are the colors are the same on EVERY bag, like the same position and everything?! or will it differ?

    Say one purse goes:

    Blue Red Yellow Green

    Is it possible that another purse will go:

    Yellow Blue Green Red


    TIA :tup:
  2. Color pattern is the same. Some items may be cut from a different area of the color pattern, but the colors will still be in the same order.
  3. Color is not the same on every bag. Also there are NO red lv's
  4. IE my speedy

    the colors are the same across the bag but down the bag will be different. All depending on where it was cut, so the last cut off on the first bag will be the start of the second bag.. and so on
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG]




  5. The multicolor bags are great.
  6. Sorry, I wasnt very clear on this. What im saying on this is, is EVERY bag the same? Color wise?

    Like, say on the top of the bag, will EVERY SINGLE multi color bag of the same bag have the same colors?

    Ok for instance:

    Pochette #1

    Pochette #2

    Pochette #3

    Pochette #4

    Would #4 be a fake? Or are they just all different?

    Thanks :smile:
  7. so i guess with the pictures it should help =) thats why with mc bags i have to choose carfully and make sure it has a lot of pinks and purples for me =)
  8. No, they are not all the same. But the order of the colors is the same. For instance my black pochette may have a pinks and purples on it while yours may have blues and greens.
  9. nm i misunderstood your question. no it won't always be the same. there are 3 sequences of LV colors. it just all depends on where the material was cut for the bag. this is why some people are picky about combos.
  10. same colors for all but different combos for everyone
  11. if you look at the Multicolor Speedy Club or the Multicolor Club in the Clubhouse section, it might help to visualize the answers people are sharing here.
  12. ^^good idea ;)
  13. Nice to know, so there is no red on the mc bags?