MultiColor question

  1. Hi all
    I am a newb to MC so pardon this silly question. Are there different color patterns on the MC line, i.e. is each bag "unique" in their color patterns so, say, one MC speedy has a different color pattern than another MC speedy? :confused1: Reason I ask is that I just read through an eBay posting for a white MC coeur purse :heart: eBay: LOUIS VUITTON MULTICOLOR HEART COIN PURSE WALLET BAG (item 260093841816 end time Mar-12-07 19:30:00 PDT)
    and it states that there's "loads of pink and purple" on it. Which then leads me to wonder, is each MC pattern as unique as no 2 zebras stripes being the same? (heh, i needed some kind of example here.) :smile: Teach me!
    Thank you,
  2. Just as clueless as you :p But I read that some girls been lucky to get more pink's on theirs so I guess there is a difference..anyway. I didn't see too much pink or purple on the heart? :confused1: Maybe im just blind :sweatdrop:
  3. Well, there's only so many permutations that the colours can appear on the bag as, but there are a number of different combinations yes. :yes:
  4. If you go to LV clubhouse and go to the mc one (I think theres one? gotta be..) you can see the different variations.
  5. The colors ALWAYS go in the same order, but it all depends on how the bag is put together, so sometimes you'll get a bag that was made with the part of the canvas with all the pink in it, or other times you'll get more blues... i've never really cared lol, just as long as the patterns and colors are correct!
  6. With 33 colors going in the same continous pattern it would be very difficult to duplicate each in the formation.
  7. :yes:
  8. I never knew that as well, so I'm glad someone asked! Thanks everyone for the information and links.
  9. yup. they pick different pieces of leather so it looks like different alignments.
    i should have been more picky with my mc, because i got my favorite combo (blue and lime green) on the bottom! oh well, at least i got it at all.
  10. verry iinteresting! thanks guys!
  11. yep so many colors!!! its embarassing to admit, but when i was purchasing my MC pmb wallet, i had the SA bring out all the different color combos in both white and black. there had to be about 9 wallets on the counter, i bet the SAs and other customers thought i was nuts lol.
  12. going off topic a sec, you know, i actually prefer the size of the MC logos on the wallets instead of the MC bags. if they made a Mini HL with that small style MC print, i'd so buy it!