Multicolor Noe!

  1. It has disappeared from eLuxury again...I saw one on ebay in white. I'm looking for a pic of it in black. Anyone have one? Thanks!
  2. I tried getting a pic from but it won't let me copy!:sad2:
  3. Is that the like the newest multi color one ??? It's soooooooocute I had the urge to ADD to the cart everytime I see it appear on Eluxury!
  4. I really like it too :love:
  5. I love the tiny pocket on the side!!!
  6. here you go...
  7. Thanks! It is my new dream bag! I really really want it in black. I love the pocket too! I've always liked drawstring bags.
  8. Arghhhh! Now I see the black listed on ebay. It's the first pic of it I've seen with the top opened up. I am sooo in love! What can I sell?? Hubby's laptop! hehe
  9. I think they have the black on Eluxury like once a while...maybe you should check it out!
  10. Oh my!!:nuts: A multi I like! So far today I've seen a Chanel I like and a MC bag. I've never liked either before. This must be my day for bags!:lol:
  11. how much is the petit noe? i think the white one is cute..
  12. I am not really a fan of multicolor but this is a bag I like:shame: Has anyone purchased it yet? Thoughts please .. I like the pockets on the side too.
  13. It's $1430. :biggrin:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Anyone seen this IRL yet?