Multicolor Monogram fade off.....

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  1. I've got a MC Wapity(Blk) on 17 FEB, but I've just found out that those MC monogram on the corner are fading off....I've called to customer service & the staff said she had never hread that before, so she suggested me to bring back the product to any LV shop.

    Anyone got this experience? Is the small size MC print easy to fade off? :sad2:
  2. I haven't heard that before. Bring it back to LV and let us know what they say.
  3. I've heard of this that it can happen after years but not after that short time. I would bring it back and get an exchange.
  4. far i have no problem with my black MC wapity....finger cross though...:worried:
  5. I've heard of that happening before on a white MC Speedy. In that particular case the person brought it back to a LV store and walked out with a brand new one! :lol:
  6. I have a white MC mini speedy and never had problems with color.
  7. I've never had problems either, hope they can help you!
  8. Hi there,

    I've back from the shop....they have never heard that before(faded off in a short time), they feel abit surprise. So they will send my MC wapity to France LV HQ & let see their reply. But the SA explained to me that "Our MC product is printed by a special process, that is layer by layer.....that's why this line is more expensive." Then I said "more expensive but more easy to fade off, that's non-sense!"

    Then I've look around their MC products, I saw some print is not very tidy (some color out of the line/some color spot on the blk canvas)....I think, I will not buy other MC product after this case.

    *Sorry for my poor english, and thanks for all replies.
  9. I think its because the multicolore and murakami items have the print on top of the material so it can scratch off. I've seen used ones on ebay where the print on the corners has scraped off.

    Versus the regular monogram line that feels more like the print is "in" the material instead of on top of it. You'll see monogram trunks that are 100 years old that still don't look bad.
  10. They definately need to perfect their process of monograming these. Thats terrible!

    Did they give you a new one and send yours out? If not that's even worse.
  11. Ditto
  12. The purple LV's on the zipper area of my Alma are a little chipped. But then again one of the cherries on my Cerises speedy on the corner area is chipped as well. It's not horrible though and it's never gotten any worse so I didn't think twice about it.
  13. That's a bummer. Go exchange it..hopefully they won't give you a hard time!
  14. Some of the colours on my cles are chipping off.. but it's old so I don't think there's much to be done. Too bad !
  15. That happened to my pochette...and it was fairly new as well! I took it to a boutique and basically was told that I was SOL! I was quite upset and quickly sold the pochette in question.