Multicolor Mini Speedy. How much? How rare?

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  1. Not rare

  2. Rare

  1. Can someone tell me if this bag is rare what so ever? Or what they think the price point is on this multicolor mini speedy?
    It is in great condition.
    Hardly any bleeding on the sides that sometimes I know happens with these bags. It seems to be in great condition. I didn’t upload a picture of the inside but it is in amazing condition as well. No issues.

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  2. Hi there, the bag is the mini HL speedy. It is definitely rare, but on the resale market, the regular monogram and the black multicolore usually sell for a higher price (probably because the red lining can eventually discolor the outside of the bag.)

    Check out the ebay completed listings to determine a competitive price point. I would list it for $500 if you aren't in rush to sell. If you listed it for $350-$375 it would probably sell quickly.

    Do you remember how much you paid originally?
  3. I am only interested in buying one at this moment. I just am looking but lately have seen them sold for high amounts compared to a year ago or so. I can’t figure out why they are going for high amounts now. I’ve seen a black one sold for 1400$, another white one in worse condition sold for 1000$ and this one sold within 10 mins for 775$. So that’s why i was confused to as if they were rare or not.