Multicolor mini HL & Shirley DISCONTINUED?

  1. Hey guys,

    the multicolor mini HL disappeared from the LV site few days ago - and then suddenly the Shirley has disappeared too.
    Does this mean they're discontinued..:wtf:.they've discontinued the white mini HL and Shirleys already.

    Better save up quick, black Shirley my dream bag and want a new one.
  2. I think the mini HL has been discontinued a while now, I don't know about shirley there's a few other disappeared too damier azur noe & damier manosque
  3. oh ic, so absence on the website means it's discontinued. Elux still has mini hls in black tho;). Damier azur noe too!?
  4. it sometimes means that but not always the websites weird some things they make don't show on the website but elux do tend to have them in stock a little while longer the best way to find out you be to call your main customer services number and see if they know
  5. so did twin pm, but i think thats been discontinued already
  6. I know, I hate it, I love the MC mini HL!
  7. The site DOES NOT have everything available, doesn't mean it is discontinued. They never had the MC keepall on the site which is now apparently disc. The nomade keepall is gone but not disc. They are missing a lot of products.
  8. agree with matt..... i saw a white mc keepall at ngee ann city lv which didnt show it on the web...maybe you can ask your SA about it :yes:
  9. I would call 1-866-VUITTON and ask them.
  10. Eluxury will take down a page when a product is sold out from their stock. However, once they have stock in again, they put the page back up. This happens a lot. They also take down pages when items are discontinued. The best thing is to call the 866 #.
  11. The Nomade Speedy is not on their site either.
  12. Call 1866 and ask.
  13. I just called 866 and they told me that yes it has been discontinued!
  14. Oh, as it both mini HL and Shirley?
  15. Azur noe is def not discontinued either. THat would be crazy,