Multicolor heart shape coin case..

  1. Hi..

    I would like to know if those are readily avaliable or limited edition?

    Can some one please let me know thanks !!
  2. it was a limited edition. it would have sold out by now because it was released February 1
  3. I would call 866-vuitton.. sometimes a store or two may have one hidden in the back.
  4. They were limited edition. Can't you call the main HK LV line and ask them to locate one for you? When I was in HK I saw tons of these floating around.
  5. Oh yea.. I could I saw them in store today and was wondering if I was right abt it being limited edition.. thats why I am asking all of you experts here... I am still thinking if I should get one... or should I snatch it up first ??
  6. Snatch it up!! It's so cute!!!!
  7. Lucky, they're all sold out here! I'd get one for sure.
  8. Nuremberg LV had one, I believe!
  9. Get one while you can, then think on it... you could always sell it if you decide you dont like it. :yes:
  10. Thanks everyone !! I will go in to the store again today.. to see if it is avaliable.. I want one that has more pink !!
  11. I think it is cute, get one if you can!
  12. def get it, its cute , its LE !!! and you dont have to pay over retail.
  13. I adore those, you should get one for sure!
  14. Are they going to bring it out again in a few months?
  15. ^ there is a rumour that there coming but it's not 100% confirmed yet

    The hearts are fairly useless but they are very cute and look great as a bag charm