Multicolor heart purse

  1. I just got a call from my SA at Saks that my multicolor heart is in! I am having second thoughts though. What can I use it for? What do you think should I get it? thanks so much!
  2. If you love it I say get it. But if you don't think you'll LOVE it then it's alot of money for a little coin purse, kwim?
  3. Get it please!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so in love with it, you have no idea...:love: too bad I don't have the funds for it right now..haha....
    It's simply ADORABLEEE! You can use it as a change/money purse, as a simple accessory hanging off of a looks amazing any way...
  4. Aww it's adorable! And you can use it for a bag charm or a coin purse as well. It's just so cute. Maybe you should take it home then see how you feel about it..if you don't end up liking it, you can take it back.
  5. I use it on my denim bag pix are posted somewhere. Everyone has asked about it and all want to look in it and laugh because there's nothing in it. I don't have any use for it but it is sooo pretty and makes me smile so I guess that's a good enough reason to have one. I don't know how long they'll be around so you may want to pick it up.
  6. I have one and personally I think it is adorable. It is so cute to me that there was no decision making. Today it carried my IPOD headphones. Seems like I have a different use for it everyday . . .
  7. Thanks for the idea!
  8. Bag charm is a very good idea. If you work in an office setting with an id card, link it to that and carry it with you all day! I would do that (if I had one) just so I could look at it.
  9. I had doubts at first, too, but when I bought it, I LOVED it!!!

    I took it to the movies last weekend and put rolled up money bills, two keys (no keychain), a movie ticket, and a lip balm in it. I felt SO chic with it in my hand! :nuts:

    And now it's on my Speedy! One pic is with flash and the other is in natural light.

    I hope you get it! It's fabulous!
    Damier Speedy with MC heart 1.jpg Damier Speedy with MC heart 2.jpg
  10. If you love it get it. I'm sure you will tons of use for it. Just have to get over the fact it's so adorable!
  11. I think the heart cles is so cute, but I am also wondering how I will use it. If you love it get it! You will find a way to use it. :smile:
  12. i hope you get it! it's so cute!
  13. When I saw the White MC in pictures, I thought it was really gorgeous! I saw the Pomme one and I thought it looked even better!

    I popped down to the store recently to have a look at the White MC but I wasn't too impressed... Still like the Pomme better!
  14. I'd get it. You'll prob regret it later if you don't KWIM
  15. I love the MC heart purse! I use mine as a bag charm and store my cell phone blue tooth in it so I don't have to look for it inside my bag.

    It's really cute! I hope you get it!