multicolor heart purse

  1. All this talk of the heart purse has got me thinking about it a lot. :smile: I had one in my hands last week in Maui and let it go b/c i decided on the epi bowling montaigne pm in ivorie. I've been thinking about it so much that I cleared it with the DH today and I called one of the maui stores to find it for me. I called 866vuitton and was told that they are all sold out in the US.
    In all my excitement I called the Wailea store instead of the Lahaina store where I saw it. The SA called me back and told me she's having it transferred to her store. oops! I left her a message and told her that i definitely want it and hope that it won't be a problem for me to order it from her store as I haven't purchased there before. I'm not sure if the hawaii LVs share the same system. I figure if it's a problem, she'll call me tomorrow. I'm very excited. :smile: let's hope it works out.
  2. I hope it works out. Its a very cute piece.
    I think they all work on the same system. LV in hawaii in very busy (having lived there but i'm sure you know that)
  3. Congrats!! Vernis :heart: purse is soo cute! Which color you plan to get? :nuts: I don't live in HI, but i would think it shouldn't be a problem for you to purchase LV from different islands since you are in HI's system already, good luck! :flowers:
  4. adorable piece - congrats!
  5. i guess they're all gone for sure now since lahaina is having it sent to wailea. good luck!
  6. I hope you get it! Fingers crossed for you!;)
  7. Good Luck! I hope you are able to get it. :flowers:
  8. OOh Jo. My SA told me about a MC one too when I went there to pick up my Dentelle. She had to check on the waitlist though. So I wasn't able to get it. I hope you get it girl. GOOD LUCK:smile:
  9. You will love the MC Heart Purse - I do :tender: I hope you get one!!! :yes:
  10. Thanks guys! I'll find out tomorrow.
  11. good luck! when i went into the boutique last week i asked about the heart purses (assuming they would all be sold out), and they had a few mc left.
  12. What is the retail for the heart purses?
  13. the heart coin purse is amazing! I'm thinking of getting the mc one too but my husband won't me maybe I can hide in the car for a few weeks? hmmm...
  14. GOOD LUCK~ I love my perle heart purse!!! Is gorgeous...
  15. I hope you get it! I love my MC heart!