Multicolor Hat Box

  1. My SA called this morning and said we have the only one in America. He also said the Pochette Tulum was in but could only fit credit cards or a slim cell phone. He sent me an invitation to a shoe party this weekend.
  2. okay? lol. now what.
  3. Are you getting the hat box?!:amazed: I would LOVE one!!!
  4. ooohh HAT BOX!!

    what is the tulum???
  5. tulum is the new monogram collection that features a twist-lock closure. here's a pic of the pochette tulum:
  6. My avatar is the Tulum GM messenger bag that I have and I was going to get the Pochette to attach to the strap.
  7. Sounds cute! How much is the pochette?
  8. The pochette Tulum is very small. What's the price?
  9. I don't know...I think he said it was 2 something.
  10. yea its smaller than the wapity it looks like. if i got one, it'd be to keep change in.. cuz it's almost the size of a cles.
  11. I do not find the tulum appealing but I would definitely want to see pics of the hat box =)
  12. the little tulum looks very squishy.....
  13. I would do anything for a MC hatbox!!!!