Multicolor Gracie

  1. Can anyone tell me the retail price for this item?
  2. I don't remember the exact price, but I do know it was $2,000+.
  3. Wasn't it discontinued in 2004? 05 maybe? I agree with Michelle1025, as I know that the velour version was about $4K.
  4. Wow, $4K for the velour? Let-trade had one, but I missed the auction for the red velour, it was in good condition and only $1600.
  5. I remember this was $1,740 or $2400. I was in France and I forget if the $1740 was after the exchange rate. I was contemplating on whether I should get the Audra or Gracie but I got the Audra because it was cheaper and larger.
  6. why cant i see the pics??
  7. Yes, it was discontinued. The only bag in the Multicolore line to be discontinued to date.
  8. there arent any pics hehe
  9. Here:
  10. This bag is really cute! There are some on ebay but they want like wayyy over retail for a beat up gracie.
  11. It's so gorgeous.. my fave MC piece !
  12. bump
  13. beautiful bag!
  14. gracie.jpg
  15. Whoa, that's gorgeous!
    I love that style. I'm gonna love learning about LV with you guys as teachers! My bank account though may not be so thrilled though!:lol: