Multicolor Fur Messenger

  1. I don't know if anyone has posted this before, but this bag is really relaly cute!!!!
  2. Lol. Yeah if it wasn't $14,000.
  3. i agree that is so super sexy but a pit of the price range
  4. sorry but i don't quite get the appeal. it reminds me of fun fur.... so 1996.

  5. $14k! thats it! sign me up! lol... jk!!

    I would NEVER spend that much on one thing. Do you know how careful you would have to be with that bag, or any bag from that line? WHITE MINK!! uhhh dont even dare set it down lol. Too much $, yeah it looks nice but I could do a lot of damge at LV with $14k... some one will buy it though!!
  6. yeah, like Kimora-Lee Simmons :P
  7. haha yes it will be really pricy if it is only a runway prototype :biggrin: But I do wish they will make it to the regular production so it could be "cheaper"?
  8. It looks like they made this bag out of the beach towel!:blink:
  9. Yeah..but they won't. It's in the new book and there's 3 different ones, a small waist pack for 7k, another one that I forgot what it looks like for about 11k and the messenger for 14k. It's only special order and I doubt they'll make many because I really don't know how much of a buying crowd it'll garner. But for sure it won't be produced any cheaper.
  10. If "fur" :roflmfao: some reason it went down, to, oh, say the price of a speedy, I'd be on that like white on rice!!!:lol:
    But...that wont happen...:Push:

  11. :roflmfao: it does! :lol: just think of your denim jeans staining the beautiful white mink. :cry:
  12. I Like That =)
  13. It's A Beautiful Bag
  14. yeah karenkooper showed the price on myspace it was about 12000 euros
  15. I'm sure it will be on Canal Street soon in a terry cloth version!