Multicolor Fringe Or Miroir Speedy????

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  1. I have a chance to get either the mc fringe speedy (that I've been dying for) or wait another month for two miroir speedies. The only problem is, I don't want to be disappointed when I see the miroir line and wish I had gotten the mc speedy instead, help me please!!! :sad:
  2. the offfer is limited? i mean time is a factor?
  3. It sounds to me you want the fringe more so get it!
  4. oo now thats a tough one. I think for me i would wait for the Miroir line. The runway pieces look totally classy.

    The Multicolor fringe, thats the really bright one right? Such a lovely summer bag, but coming into autumn/winter i would go more understated to match the winter fashions, big warm coats and scarves!!!! or is that just the uk, it gets soooo cold.

    I would wait, if the Multicolor is still going to be available after the Miroir line comes out then you can get it then if you dont like what it has to offer. Hope that helps petal x
  5. Chloe- time is a factor and the price is only a $200 mark-up, but if I wait I can get the two miroir speedies and possibly a third bag too, AWWWW!!!
  6. If it's in a good shape and the price sounds good, then go for it. Like u said, u may or may not like the miroir range but u DO like the speedy...
  7. oohhh, very hard....when the fringe first came out I thought :Push: , but it has really grown on me...if it was a get it or lose thing...I think I would get it.
  8. I would really go with a miroir speedy...
  9. Since the fringe came out first and in very limited quantities I would go for the fringe, you have plenty of time for the miroir.
  10. Def. the fringe!!! :love: I'm sure you wont regret it.
  11. Fringe!!
  12. def. the speedy....
  13. Fringe All The Way!
  14. Blu- which one? :nuts:
  15. i prefer the Fringe Speedy. the Miroir Speedy is a bit too flashy, and it's a funny size too: 34 :weird:.