Multicolor Franges Pochette bag compare with pochette & mini pochette

  1. Please, does anyone own MC Franges Pochette bag, pochette and mini pochette
    could you please take some photos of them together
    I want to see the size differents and loook

    THANKS A LOTS!!!:yes::yes::yes::yes:
  2. no one can help?
  3. hello~
    I think the size is like
    MC pouchette> franges pouchette> mini pouchette

    But im not sure~

    I was gonna get a franges pouchette, but was outbid in the last minute :sad:
  4. i'm going to buy one,........LOVED it
  5. Not to rain on your Multicolor Franges parade, but I hope you do know that if you buy the pochette seperatly, you allow an unscrupulous eBay seller to rip you off?
    The pochette was never sold alone, always with the bucket or the speedy; but some crafty eBay sellers decided to split the two items, sell them separatly at outragous prices and double, if not triple, their profit. If you're ok with that go ahead.