Multicolor for him?

  1. Hi guys, I saw yesterday in the newspaper a guy (I know he is famous, he´s a singer but I dont know who he is hehe) anyway he was wearing a black multicolor bandana or scarf whatever and a white multicolor wapity. He looked not so bad but I think that line looks a little girly in a guy, or what do u think, I need your oppinions!
  2. i have some guy friends, who flaunt MC louis vuitton very nicely.
  3. ooo really? I want to get the white mc wapity for my digital camera. Do you still have the newspaper and can post the pic? I also plan to get white and black mc keepall's eventually.
  4. John!
  5. was it kayne west?
  6. lol.

    It probably was Kanye.
  7. :yahoo: :drool:
  8. It's all good! A good bag, wallet, whatever trancends gender.
    Wear what you love! I think many men wear the MC line very well.
  9. yeah def kanye, i saw the pic too! I have a few MC pieces and I plan on expanding my collection. I rock it!
  10. matt + keepall= hawt!
  11. Not the best photo, but it was from this series of photos that he was wearing a black MC scarf and white MC wapity I think.

    kanye scarf.jpg
  12. Who's the dweeb with him...:lol:
    Cruise needs to ditch those bangs & embrace the age he is.
  13. Maybe aliens are conspiring to keep him young ? :P
  14. And, apparently, straight.....
    I love Kanye's scarf, he wears it well.
  15. Yeah matt's pretty hot with his keepall lol ;)

    he might be adding a white one? but u didnt hear that from me