Multicolor Fairy Bags

  1. There are two styles of colorful fairy bags coming in the next couple of weeks to a Saks near you. One is a small "disco" style and the other is a messenger that folds over to a clutch. I didn't get a price on the disco but the messenger is about $1790. Both are nappa leather. The colors are drug-trip bright, like the cartoon on the website. By this I mean a purplish/blue background with bright greens, oranges, yellow and red, with some fuschia/pink thrown in.

    They are arriving in the next 2-3 weeks and supplies are limited. Very, very limited.

    I think there was a snap of the messenger one from the runway show. I'll try to find it later.

    I owe Jill a huge thank you b/c if she didn't post the picture of the floral bag, I wouldn't have gone to Saks in the first place.
  2. looking forward to seeing the messenger pic, and thanks so much for the heads-up!
  3. I called Saks in NYC today, and they told me that there was no hope of getting a bag. I wished they would have told me that there were different styles to come. I guess it really depends on the SA ... or going in person.

    I live near the Prada in Manhasset - 2 weeks ago I was #4 on the wait list, I call today and they tell me that I am 7! I am going to call again and speak to the SA who put me on the waitlist. I called all over the country this afternoon and most stores will not even add you to the list anymore.

    AHHHHH! I really want one!
  4. Here is the small version and a bad runway pic of the messenger. They match the dress I just bought.

    Luv2Live, You might have better luck calling SoHo or 5th Ave.
    00170m.jpg prada-designer-purse-runway-review10.jpg
  5. Restricter, I am loving the dress that you bought! I called all the NYC Prada boutiques, Only the SoHo store would add me to the wait list. All the others said that the lists are too long (20+) and at most they were only expecting very few. I was livid with the Manhasset store - my SA was not there today, so I will be calling her tomorrow. I did find a SA at Neimans who said that she could get me one, that she expected them to have a few in their warehouse. I am keeping my fingers crossed, that she can get it. I added my name to any wait lists that would take me.

    Enjoy all of your :love:Beautiful Fairies!:love:
  6. Manhasset's service is kind of sloppy. I was WLd there and they NEVER called me when the first wave of fairy bags came in -- and mine was the first name on the list. I found out after I got mine from 5th Avenue and went in to tell them to take my name off the list.

    Call her and demand to know why you were "demoted" because that's really odd.
  7. Thanks, restricter. Another awesome fairy bag.
  8. I called manhasset again this afternoon and found out that my SA is on Vacation. Apparently the same woman that I spoke with yesterday answered the phone today. She asked me "well, what would you like me to do?" I told her I want to know where i am on the list. I was #4 two weeks ago, and yesterday you said I was #7. She says that she is not near the list and will call me back. Then says I will "make" you #4 on the list. What???? They are just clueless!!! I am going to call again on Monday. I hate to have to make a trip to the Americana for this.
  9. I saw the purple/green fairy bag small hobo in my Nordies catalog that just came in the mail also.
  10. Interesting to see -- thanks!