Multicolor elipse

  1. I saw a multicolor elipse today. I know I would get a lot of attention by carrying an obviously fake bag. LOL :p
  2. Lol.
  3. lol wow.
  4. hahah, nice.
  5. ewww.
  6. I wonder if you could actually purchase that as a special order? You just gave me an idea. TNX!!!!
  7. lol
  8. i was actually thinking of how cute a mc ellipse would be!
    but fakes are gross
  9. MC cannot be special ordered...
  10. :lol:
  11. This reminds me of when my mom and I were in NYC for s/s 2004. Its when I got my first ever LV (keepall 50 w/strap) and I got to use it for NYC!!! but while walkin around in the city, we hit every LV store and she ended up getting a bunch of LV, both MC speedies, both MC thedas... waitlisted for the turquoise ostrich theda but never got it :sad:... any ways while walking in times square we saw a person selling all fake lv's and my mom had her black MC theda and he tried to sell her the a black mc ellpise... haha, of course she played nice when I was like " MOM KEEP WALKING" haha
  12. Nope cant be done.
    They are very limited on the stuff you can S/o in the Multicolor.
  13. fakes are just plain tacky
  14. that reminds me of the white MC petit bucket i saw the other day
  15. There is a mom at my son's school who wears this but hers is an inspired LV as it doesn't have LV written on it, but from afar all you see is black ellipse w/ mc. She is such an attractive woman, I want to just take that purse from her and put it out of it's misery, lol. I just don't get it, how come some people just don't care if they are wearing bags that wish they were LV?!