Multicolor canvas color scheme questions - trouville

  1. Ok, so there are 9 lvs on the front of the multicolor trouville. Are all 9 colors on the front always different? So basically no repeating row of the same color scheme or same color scheme but backwards (like first row: green blue purple; 2nd row: purple blue green). Cause if I was buying a 1,000$ bag I sure would want the 9 colors on the front to be different. I tried doing a search to find pictures but I found that all the multicolored trouville pictures I saw... the 9 lvs on the front were all different colors but I saw some on ebay that look legitimate that have repeating colored lvs. :shrugs:

    Another question for the multicolored items: is the color placement standard for all bags... meaning for example the blue colored lv will always be in the upper right hand corner for xyz style? I am guessing no but just want to be sure. So if they all vary item by item (I'm eyeing the wapity) do you care which colors are on your bag? Do you ask to see more than one wapity or wahtever bag you are looking at to pick the best color scheme?

    *** Added: Okay, I just looked on eluxury.... and the multicolored trouville they had pictured had row 1: one color scheme; row 2: diffferent color scheme; row 3: same color scheme as row #1. :yucky: IMO that sucks! The one with all 3 rows having a different color scheme looks A LOT better. It bugs that you pay 1300 someone else pays 1300 but there is a chance that one person might get a much more beautiful bag.
  2. Here is my MC Trouville. I got it from Eluxury and it has the repeating color line in line 1 and 3. I like it though, I think it gives it continuity.
  3. Oooo its beautiful nevertheless! I hope you are not offended by my comment above *hides* :P Now that I read back it sounds a bit rude, but I did not mean it that way at all. Let me take back that it sucks. *ducks once more* It is a matter of preference. I am still suprised that the color scheme varies from bag to bag and that some would have repeating rows while others do not. ;)
  4. I agree that the repeating line color lends to the continuity of the bag.
  5. ^^Not offended at all!!! Everyone has their own tastes. But, I thought it was a little weird at first too, I love the bag so much though, I don't care what colors the LV's are as long as I got the bag!!! Ha Ha!!
  6. It will repeat, Other then the bottom because its not one piece of l canvas like the mc speedy.
    so the front and back will repeat.

  7. eBay: Authentic LOUIS VUITTON White Multicolore TROUVILLE (item 180017934306 end time Aug-20-06 14:04:44 PDT)

    This auction has ended, but is it normal that the color scheme varies like this? tr444's authentic trouville has 1st row: green, blue, voilet; 2nd row: pink purple green and the ebay one has the same colors but in the different sequence 1st row: blue, violet green; 2nd row: purple, green, pink.

    ***Added: Wow! I just noticed a MAJOR flaw on this bag.... look at the cowhide strip at the top! It is so uneven!!!! This is scary because it took me awhile to notice this and if I was at the store looking it over before purchasing I probably would not have noticed! tr444 you really have a superb trouville, I was looking closely at yours and everything is perfectly even. I have seen authentic ones where even those are slightly off.
  8. its basically three colors = one row.. no matter where its placement in the row, blue 1st and violet 2nd, or violet 1st and green 2nd... they have the same colors on each piece, just diffrent spots.. dunno if it makes sense?
  9. Not every trouville is going to be identical. Just like not every mc speedy is the same.
    Everyone will have the colors in different rows. But the rows colors will remain the same. IE green, blue, voilet;
  10. So is the Ebay trouville wiht the uneven strip authentic?
  11. mine was from the Manhattan 5th Ave flagship, and it doesn't look like there are repitions in the colors :shrugs:. but then again, i don't know how the colors work for this line anyway :P

  12. i think trouville is a very beautiful bag!!!!
  13. Here's the pic from Eluxury, it has the repeating rows too.
  14. i always pick my colors for [white] MC... they're all different in color order.. so i always pick something with more blues/greens.. i'm not fond of pinks/purples..
  15. I like picking the MC pieces in person because of the variations, I look at them and the one that catches my eye the most is what I go with...