Multicolor Aurelia GM...Modeling Pics Please???

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  1. Please, pretties, please??? TIA:love::love::love:

    I did a search but didn't come up with anything. I've also looked it up on but again, that info is not as in depth vs. the info from someone who actually owns the bag and is privy to all it's quirks.

    I really need an overnight bag preferably in Multicolore :shame: (well, no one really NEEDS LV bags, but that's besides the point...ha ha) & I can't get to the boutique for a little while so I would dearly appreciate any photos or 411 (i.e. how much stuff it fits, comfort level, etc.).
  2. I have an Aurelia GM but don't have any modelling pictures. I'll try and take some tonight when I get home :flowers:.

    It's a great tote though! Big enough to fit everything (13" laptop, toiletries, magazines, ipod, and much more). I always use mine when I travel and it fits very comfortably on the shoulder.
  3. [​IMG] here it is, its on eluxury...

    i just realized you wanted modeling pics LOL. :lol:
  4. here is my mm...the gm is larger and gorgeous...hope this helps...cheers

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  5. Wow the MM looks like it would be a great size for a work/travel bag.... GM obviously for overnighter. But that is a great pic!!!
  6. I have a GM, it is a great size for a carryon...I used it when we went to disney last year. I wouldn't say it's big enough for an over nighter though.
  7. I have the MM. I think that the GM would not be big enough for an overnight bag.
  8. Mmk here are a few modeling pictures. Sorry for the quality and kind of weird poses, my camera isn't charged so I had to use the built in cam on my Macbook. Hope they help some! I'm 5'6" for reference.



  9. Thanks for your input my sweet chiquitas :smile:...and thanks for the pics clearstatic, lvpug & speyta! It really is a gorgeous bag, in any size. After seeing your drool-worthy modeling pics, I'm so in love with :love:it that I'm starting not to care whether it's big enough for an overnighter (especially for a packrat like me, LOL). Now I'll have to decide whether I can scale down the essentials or go with some sort of keepall. Keep you guys posted!