MultiColor Alma

  1. Hey Guys can you tell me what 9 LV colors should there be on the Alma MC? Also does it only have a heat stamp on the outside? Is there a heat stamp inside?
  2. are 33!
  3. The stamp is on the outside of the Alma.
  4. Oh I read somewhere that there had to be these specific 9 color LVs I know there are a total of 33 colors but the LVs were these specific 9.
  5. Here is a pic what do ya'll think. What can I look for to find if it is fake or real?
  6. You might want to post in authenticate this section of this forum. Someone will be glad to help you.
  7. Indeed. All authentication questions need to go in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky above.

    The MC Alma posted is FAKE. The leather and colors are off.
  8. Good call John5.