multicolor Accessory, discontinued????? plz help!!!

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  1. hello everyone, i want to purchase this multicolor key and change holder but i cannot find it anywhere on the LV website. the LV boutique is a far drive from my house so i first wanted to call and check if they had it but i cant find the product number or name anywhere. does anyone know if this is still available for sale? if so, which locations and do u have a product number? thanks!

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  2. I'm pretty sure it is discontinued. I wanted one too, but too late to the game! :sad:
  3. Call 866-vuitton and they can tell you any stores have them
  4. oh good idea. but do u know the name of this item? i would need to tell them the name so they know what i am talking about.
  5. LV is doing a new MC cles when they release the MC Insolites -- in May, I think?? I don't know what it will look like - think they are doing the poche cles and the 4 key multicles, along with several MC wallets. Maybe you would like the new one??
  6. that looks like a fake btw
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    The style: M92655, I called to 1-866-vuitton, they told me it is still available in some stores, but it is not an active production product.

    Agree with with LxTxNx, it definitely looks fake to me.
  8. The cles has been discontinued but there are a few lying around.