Multicles Rabat?

  1. Does anyone own one of these?
    I am thinking of getting a keyring, but I have some big keys and I think the regular keyrings won't work.
    Does the Multicles work with big keys?
  2. I know a few PF'er that own this... it's SO cute!!! I am contemplating on getting one soon.
  3. I want one to use as a iPod Touch case haha.
  4. Thank you LVbabydoll!
  5. You're welcome!
  6. Me too ...does the itouch fit it???
  7. ^On the second link, the OP has her iphone in I believe it will.
  8. ^^ Thanks ..I would like an iPhone but alas they have not been released here yet:sad:
  9. You're welcome :smile:
    My friend has's...different. I wouldn't want one though.
  10. i actually use mine to stuff my ipod nano in, headphones and all. it fits, with a slight bulge. ;)