Multicles Rabat or Mini Pochette?

  1. Ahhhh, I've been hmming and hawing, trying to decide, I've seen the Azur 4 key holder (sooooo cute!) & Azur Mini Pochette IRL! Haven't seen Mono Multicles Rabat IRL. Everyone here is such a grand influence! Ladies, what should I do? Love and appreciation :heart:

    I AM set on getting the Mono or Damier Portefeuille Accordeon after Christmas as my #1 lovely, THE superclutch/superwallet investment. (Prefer Damier over Mono, but Portefeuille looks better in Mono, it seems) Looks great with anything when carried alone + tdf strap = my ideal look for a perfect wallet.


    Mono Multicles Rabat, $210
    --bigger than regular cles, sans rounded corners of cles, not as many have it, looks like little sister of Portefeuille
    --keys can tuck w/ my thin mirror compact in one compartment, and papers/cards in the other
    --forgo needing/wanting/spending for Azur 4 keyholder and cles
    --indulge in gold heatstamp :}
    --love mono, but not my utmost fav
    --afraid keys overload and cause impressions/bulge or dents after long wear, possibly warping flap outwards later on
    --carried handheld w/o tdf mini pochette chain; or figure how to buy chain additionally/separately?

    Azur Mini Pochette, $215
    --personally looooooove azur over mono!
    --none of us can deny that chain
    --petite 5' 1'' me could carry over shoulder (but not apt to)
    --no overload fear: can fit phone, mirror compact, gloss, etc. too
    --could add a lock on one side for added cuteness
    --chain isn't adjustable (tiny hands, chain slides off wrist when held as wristlet)
    --tad roomy, cards/papers slide around freely, increase likelihood of things falling out and everything being one contained mess in single compartment
    --roomy-ness itches me to want to get matching cles (so things cards/papers don't slide) and 4 key holder additionally (so keys don't bump around and scratch up phone); another $300 unavoidable
    --heatstamp not possible, or is it?

    OR forgo all and wait for the Portefeuille; so that I don't find myself having spent at least over $800 in the 'end' on accessories when I could have contributed a little more to get a special purse.
    We gals can never get enough though, and accessories are just as important as purses... I've been dying to get JUST the right love-to-death wallet, 'the one,' and I've been itching to get something for my keys too! :falls over: I'm so torn!

    Ohemgee, if only the Multicles Rabat came in Azur, Dentelle, or Onatah sans suede :falls over: :yes:
  2. Personally i LOVE the mini pochette! I would get that one for sure!
  3. I like the Rabat!
  4. I like the rabat too
  5. I used to have a rabat but returned it because the key hooker is too huge to put my keys in. But the size is great, bigger than a cles and of course you can put a few cards inside. I also have a mini pochette (azur one), and it's super cute. I love it so much. I use it as a cosmetic pouch.

    I think the accordeon is a great design, but I will wait until LV makes it in other leathers, like epi, tobago, or suhali (dream on). I'm bored with monogram :smile:
  6. Just bought my first LV item and it's a Multicles Rabat. I'm rather in awe of it at the moment and it's still in the box. I looked at several small items for keys/change etc for a night out and this was perfect. I would have bought the porte-monnaie accordeon had it not been discontinued. Anyhow so pleased with my first purchase!
  7. Rabat
  8. I prefer Multicles Rabat :yes: