Multi-uses for my new Vernis Bracelet

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  1. I just got this cute indigo bracelet off eBay and this morning I though - why not try it on my head? - it fits perfectly - now I have 2 uses for it - love it when that happens :yahoo:
    indigo 002.jpg indigo 001.jpg indigo 004.jpg
  2. Too cute! I wonder if I can use my Suhali Double Coiled Bracelet as a head band? :p
  3. OOOh John - like a cool 80's sweatband? That would be totally RAD!
  4. nyria, that looks super cute!!! what a shnazzy idea!
  5. creative idea !
  6. Very creative :nuts:
  7. Very Cool.
  8. I bet you'll look HOT!

    I actually likes it more as a hair band! Congrats Nyria!
  9. Unless my head was the size of a Cabbbage Patch kid, there is no way in hell my Suhali Double Coiled Bracelet would EVER fit around my head. :roflmfao: Only you can rock it, Nyria!!! :rochard:
  10. this is such a cute idea! thanks for sharing !
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. cute! very innovative!
  13. It looks beautiful in your blonde hair! What a great idea!
  14. I have the same bracelet. Gotta go and try that look right now....
  15. Great idea, nice hair!