Multi-tasking online

  1. So I have 22 minutes left on this one auction on eBay. I have some time to kill so why not go on PF right? I happily go on PF to read some and post some. Time flies by and I see the first tab of my Firefox window that says eBay. Argh!!!! It ended 7 minutes ago! Grrrrrrr! The reserve hasn't been met but I could've won it if I bidded on it (cause then the reserve would've been met).

    Making a mental note to self: When eBay is ending, just focus on that.
  2. Why don't you sign up for a sniping service? A lot of them charge, but if you google "automatic bidding" or "auction sniping" and scroll through the options, there'll usually be a few free ones. I'm kicking myself for not remebering the first one I used because my new one makes you look at pages of upgraded service before you can get to your summary page.
  3. I often find i lose vast amounts of time when i'm perusing and reading posts
  4. I probably will now. Too many times "I could've won" something I really want (and some stuff I kinda want). Grrr! I will look into that. Thanks!
  5. KathyRose,
    Sorry that you didn't win....
    Better luck next time?
  6. I have done that SO many times! LOL! I think "why use a sniper? I'll still be sitting here for a few minutes, I'll just manually snipe it at the last second!" then I get wrapped up in a post . . . .
  7. With bags and shoes I have it was meant to be or not meant to be attitude. Keep trying your bag/auction will arrive.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. BF dreaded the day I start using a sniper.

    I reason like this sometimes too and BF readily agrees as that means less cash going out of my pocket. LOL. But sometimes it really fits. It just wasn't meant to be.

    I'm bookmarking this. I have to scoot and go to bed now as I have to be the first at the office everyday. LOL. Thanks!
  9. I hate it when that happens! I've lost a few auctions because of that too. Sniping is the way to go :biggrin:
  10. I do that all time, I read the board or the news and totally forgot to bid. :sad: