Multi Stripe Shoulder Arrived Today!

  1. I absolutely love it. It's not heavy at all and it fits so comfortably on your shoulder. It's amazing in person. Great colors and I love the signature line too. Can't wait to bring her on the cruise with me. The wallet is great too! Here are the pics!
  2. i LOVE it and i WANT it!! CONGRATS!!!!
  3. That pink inside trim is SOO FRIGGIN CUTE!!! What great buys!!!
  4. I love the shoulder tote style, it's so comfy.

    I would be concerned about what looks like crooked C's on the wallet, though.
  5. Love the pink lining!
  6. i love the wallet! everything is beautiful and looks great on you!!!!
  7. You know i didn't even notice it till you said something. Not a biggy for me. Love it anyway.
  8. That's all that really matters! That zip-around wallet is my favorite Coach wallet style.
  9. I like the zip around wallet because it's all contained and a lot easier to get in and out of. No fussing around to get it snapped, etc.

    Ok gotta go change from my other purse to this one and start packing. Yeh, I haven't even started packing and we leave tomorrow! AHHH!
  10. Awesome.. Love those stripes~!
  11. Don't you love the colors??? I got the Demi the day they came out in the store. Then I went back and got the matching mini skinny. They are SO ADORABLE! Don't you LOVE that interior pink trim??? It's gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  12. i stillllll can't decide whether i like it or hate it. but congrats anyways!
  13. Ashley:

    That is a beatiful bag. Carry it in good health.

  14. Congratulations & enjoy! Those are beautiful finds :smile:
  15. It's gorgeous! I saw it in the store yesterday and loved it! the messenger bag with the stripe is awesome, too!