multi speedy white or black?


multi speedy white or black?

  1. white

  2. black

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  1. i always thought the multi speedy might be a bit too big for me, although i do have mono speedy 30 and love it. i can't resist the temptation of that beautiful thing though so i think i'm gonna start saving for one. hopefully my lv store will have both for me to see what i like better, but your suggestions will help me too!

    a little about me:

    i'm 28 with no kids
    around 5'2'' (105 lbs)

    so ladies... which color would be better for me???
  2. I like the black.
  3. Definitely black- rarer and more sophistocated.
  4. Black
  5. white :biggrin:
  6. Tough choice....I've always been a huge fan of the white, however I just bought a black MC speedy and I love it. I didn't vote becasue I love both colors equally. I use the black MC in the winter and the white MC in the summer.
  7. black :heart:
  8. I just ADORE the look of the black MC speedy.

    It's so expensive though, I don't know if I will be able to afford it for a long time...I just think it would look so great with all my "all black" outfits. It would make the logos pop out even more.

  9. Well I think it depends on YOUR skincolour, if you're more fair, then white, if not, then black. I'm asian too and I have the white one
  10. Black
  11. I love white MC... so WHITE..
  12. Black!!!:love:
  13. White! ;)
  14. i only like the Multicolore line in white. it's so much more feminine. the black is so fluorescent
  15. if i got white i would only carry it in the summer...i do prefer the white but if someone bought me a black complaints here!!!