~~~ Multi-Purpose Montaigne ... it's more than just a CLUTCH ~~~

  1. I just thought I'd share this idea:thinking: ... look past the Cassis color (I know most of you don't like this color).

    However, it would be awesome with the Noir and Ivoire as well! ;)I may get the Ivoire too!

    I bought the Epi Leather Adjustable Shoulder Strap that "specially designed for the EPI Alma and Jasmin". I bought the Cassis color to match my Cassis Montaigne Clutch ... :love:
    and hopefully for the Alma later:graucho:, if they really come out with it in Cassis!

    Here are 8 pics ... excuse my "Teddy Bear", he wanted to model it!

    btw, it could easily be used as a cross-body as well ... Teddy is just too fat, LOL!

    As always, thank you for letting me share!:cutesy:
    Poc Mon 1.jpg Poc Mon 2.jpg Poc Mon 3.jpg Poc Mon 4.jpg
  2. Here's Teddy:love: again from different angles.

    Also pics as a reg. clutch and possibly a wristlet!
    Poc Mon 5.jpg Poc Mon 6.jpg Poc Mon 7.jpg Poc Mon 8.jpg
  3. What a good idea, very inventive!
  4. That's a great idea! I really like the purple color.
  5. OMG.

    going to my wish list!
  6. Oh wow! You just sold me on the montaigne. I have been looking at the Montaigne clutch which I love as well as a couple across the chest type bags, saumur and musette. Well with your idea, I only need the one bag and an extra strap. I have been eyeing both the black and Ivory and I think even though with spring/summer around the corner, I may end up with the black, for I need a small black bag. By the way, I love the Cassis color and if I could buy more than one, that would be the 2nd color I would get. I think its TDF. I only wish I had the funds right now to buy some of the beautiful colors outside the basic black. I love your collection!!!! You and your hubby both have such great taste!...OHHHHHH and the bear too!!!
  7. love the color and bag...:tup:
  8. What a great clutch, love the color
  9. Sweetpurple, I LOVE this color! I think it's FABULOUS in a clutch, and so sharp with the silver hardware. I had no idea that you could get a longer strap to match - wonderful! And your picts are so creative. I haven't gotten anything in this line simply because other things have come first, but it IS on my must list (which is HUGE :p)
  10. That's brilliant. I'm going to have to get the strap for mine. So you know if there's one in ivory?
  11. Aww that's a great idea!! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  12. Great idea!
  13. wow that's totally creative!!! SweetPurple, your user title should be Cassis and Grenade Queen ;)
  14. Very nice! :tup: Thanks for sharing!