Multi pocket question

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  1. Does MJ make new multi pockets every season or is it not made at all any more? I just bought one at MN last call and it has a scrape on it and I hate spending that much for something not perfect but I also can't find another one to buy. Yes it was on sale but it was still over 500.00. I keep saying take it back and yet...if I can't find another one maybe I should keep it. It is the Thistle color and eggplant on the inside. I guess I just need to know because I don't see the large ones around except on eBay and I don't feel safe buying one from there. thanks for the info...
  2. ^ Thistle is one of the Soft Calf colors from Fall 2004.
    Multipockets (regular and large) are still being made in various colors every season, Black is the only color being repeated over & over again.

    As of Resort 2006, Multipocket is $895USD and LG Multipocket is $975USD.
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