Multi-pli Cite Owners! Help!

  1. I can't remember where the date code is on my Multi-pli Cite. I remember when I first got it too the original owner had to show me.
    Can someone please help before I tear the bag apart?
  2. Nevermind! Found it! Damn!
  3. Glad you found it. Never had that bag but had the viva cite gm. I like yours better :smile:
    Is that your dog in the avatar? He looks much meaner than my mean LV eater. lol.
  4. :lol: No that isn't my doggie, just one I pulled off the internet. This is my sweet lil doggie...
  5. Aww. He definitely doesn't look a bit vicious! lol
    Very very cute. What kind?
  6. ^^^part australian shepherd, part chow.