Multi-Grain Tostitos

  1. I was a little iffy about trying these at first. {I was afraid they'd actually taste like multigrain.}

    But they don't. They're really good.

    I bought them because they were on sale this week. {I'm assuming because of Cinco de Mayo.}
  2. I liked them too !
  3. They're good, I like them better than the regular tostitos, so I eat those now (when I can't get to World Market to grab some tasty Xochitl corn chips!! yummy!)
  4. just tried these...SO DELISH.

    i thought they would be super bland, but they're awesome.
  5. Yeah, they taste way better than I thought they would! I still prefer the regular kind though.
  6. I love them :smile:
  7. Count me in too! They're great by themselves OR with salsa. :wlae: