Multi-dimensional Color...Finally at Peace

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  1. I recently bought a SS07 GGH Black Work (same as Fergie's) to use as my laptop bag/purse for work and for weeks I have debated this purchase because the leather is almost black but not very dark black. Sometimes she even looks midnight blue/charcoal. I thought it would look like I was trying to match my dark black shoes, then missed, KWIM? Kept thinking if my bag was going to look bluish then I shoulda got ocean or anthracite...and if it was really black black it would look so heavy maybe I wouldn't want it stressed...

    Then a wonderful PFer posted her new Plomb with SGH and commented on how it 'sets off' against black. I decided to try it for myself...

    WOWOWOWSA - this light black bag looks great against black pants, jeans, charcoal pants. Kinda lightens the load and even makes me look taller. Even ok with dark black shoes and boots :yahoo:.

    Have you ever gone through this with a bbag?
    IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0471.jpg IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0485.jpg
  2. I am glad you found the plomb, I like your description. I wear black a lot (work) and I know exactly what you mean. Cool that you look taller! I have been wavering back and forth about plomb forever and was worried a tiny bit about it clashing with outfits of all black. I will look at it again thanks to your post. Anyway, I love your plomb and your other bags, too. Congrats!
  3. OH bt!! It's so gorgeous! You know how much I love Plomb and the Work style! =) Congrats!
  4. Go the Plomb!
  5. Did you mean my thread? :graucho: Congrats!! Plomb looks positively radiant with black. I tried on my new SGH plomb Day with a black suit in the boutique and even the SA went OMG... it doesn't clash at all. It looks more chic than black on black with SGH would have (that would have been less elegant and more rockerchick KWIM?). I'm so glad you like your steel!! :yahoo:
  6. yes I agree with you BT! after I saw South's thread ^^^ I reverted back to plomb/steel again! after a much debated plomb-black-plomb-black debate! now i really want a plomb SGH PT!!! I was rather blown away when I saw it IRL! one minute I thought it was too dull.. then bam!!! I love it! I'm going nuts!

    anyways, congrats on finding your true love!!!
  7. ^^ Hey ali, yep it really is a "BAM!" color as soon as you see it! LOL!
    Congrats again!
  8. very nice, congrats!
  9. You did well.:tup::yahoo:
  10. my bag is actually tagged black - but it sure looks plomb!!! Thanks for all the enabling!
  11. Super bag - congratulations!!!
  12. Interesting, perhaps it was mislabeled?
  13. I have always wondered if it was mislabled. Does Plomb ever come with Gold GH?
  14. oh really its labelled black??? the plomb does come with GGH... another PFer I think Starbrite posted her mums Plomb GGH work and it looks stunning!!! I think she also had a plomb city GGH at one stage...
  15. I remember seeing Starbrite's plomb - gorgey. Hmmm I really think I got a mismarked her though!