Multi Colour, will it last?


MultiColour, A classic look?

  1. Yes it is a classic look and will last more than 5 years

  2. It's not classic at all

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  1. Hi everyone, this is my very first post here. :shame:

    I think the Monogram Canvas is definitely a classic look as the Monogram Canvas speedy is still very popular now. What I would like to know from everyone is whether the Monogram Multi Colour will be as classic or not.

    I love the Priscilla so much but am afraid that it is not a classic bag and I would get bored within 1 year
  2. I think it will be around for a long time. Def. more than five years, coming up on four now ;)

    I got my MC speedy and alma right after they came out, and even though I am not a fan of the normally of the speedy or the alma, I snapped them up, because that's all MC came in.....and when they were first released we were told the were seasonal and limited.

    So even though I am not I huge fan of the shapes, I still love these bags (especially the speedy) bright and cheerful, I love the color pattern on my speedy.
  3. I think it will definitely stick around. I like the white better than black. Just looks better to me IMO. The colors pop out more and stuff.
  4. I'm sure they will still be a 'classic' and last more than five years. I have the mc alma, mc speedy and mc pochette accessoires, and I still get looks and great comments from people! They're just so beautiful, unique and cheerful, simply different from the brown monogram canvas. Lots of people still buy from the mc line now, even though it was released years ago, it shows how much people love it!
  5. I love the MC line....I think it'll last for a long time! It's fun and colorful and a change from just wearing brown all the time :smile:
  6. I think when you want a splash of color in your wardrobe, the MC line is perfect. I have the white mc alma and it really is gorgeous. I didn't like the look of MC at all until I saw it IRL. It's playful and young and a nice change from the brown. I think it will be around for a while, but nothing will take the place of the mono speedy.
  7. I personally think it's classic. It's part of LV's "cheerful" collections. Any LV lovers should have at least one MC line in the colection. I think ib will never be out of style as long as there's Spring and Summer..
  8. louis vuitton is a classic! time tested true! i think that the mc will be d/c one day and then for sure - a forever classic!
  9. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts!!! and I agree with bagsnbags.... mc do look cheerful compare to the other lines :yes:
  10. Classic!
  11. I think it will last.
  12. I love MC and it is what brought me back to LV. It will last a long time.
  13. Think of it this way....if it wasnt popular, LV wouldnt still be selling and making it. What was originally presented as limited edition was brought into the permanent line. Its a keeper! I have the MC Black Speedy and a MC White Alma, I love both!!!
  14. Classic! I still love my MC White Speedy:love:
  15. i think it will last....