Multi-Colored Patchwork - What do you think?

  1. As scanned from NM The Book. Retails for $2495.
  2. Is it all leather or leather, looks stunning, really different Chanel.
  3. I like how colorful it is, but would personally want something in a smaller design.
  4. Made out of leather, patent and python
  5. I don't love this one for me personally.

    I do LOVE how different Chanel has been willing to be this season though :yes:
  6. I LOVE the shape of that bag. I hope it comes in diff solid colors for spring. I'm not sure if i could pull off all those colors together though.
  7. I don't really care for this one for myself.
  8. About to send this picture to our SA but changed my mind . Really nice buy I think we might pass.
  9. Wow--very seventies!
  10. :wtf: , don't care for the bag:yucky:
  11. It's's a lot better than those bags from last season that looked like quilts though. :yucky:
  12. I like the shape, but I think the quilting with the colored leather is a bit too much for the shape.
  13. Hmmm, I personally don't like it.
  14. Ok, call me crazy but I think I may get it. I called my SA at NM and he said the colors were really, really beautiful. They received one on special order and have only one more coming in to the store. Nationwide for NM it is a very limited bag.

    He also said everyone is screaming for the oversized patent CC satchel but there are plenty of those bags to go around.

    I think it is funky and fun and will probably use it for everyday. I like having something that nobody really knows what it is and this definitely does not scream Chanel! It does have the CC charm on the zipper pull though.
  15. I like how the colors are put together, very artistic.:smile: