Multi Color Speedy

  1. Hello all,

    I am new to this forum. Glad to say that I am liking this forum and it's very inspiring. However i seriously need some opinions before I make the purchase.

    I am 5ft 2in and am quite petite and i wanna own a MC Speedy badly.
    Will it appear too 'robustic' for me?
    Or anyone here who owns a MCspeedy is kind enough to post pix of them wearing the bag?

    Thank You!!!
  2. Welcome! :flowers: I am five feet nothing and I love my Mono Speedy 30! It doesn't look too big or robustic at all! :yes:
  3. Welcome to the forum! I'm all about doing what you love. If you try the bag on (always recommended) and love (not like) it then you snatch it up. If you try it on and it feels too big or like you're carrying luggage, get something else.
  4. I am not as short, I'm 5'6, but It still doesn't matter girl get what you LOVE! I know that I always do.
  5. There is no LV store in my country! And the nearest store will be 2 hrs away by plane. hehe
  6. have you checked the visual aids sticky because I'm sure someone has put the MC Speedy in there?
  7. It's definitely not too big! I used to have a picture from a couple summers ago of me with the white one, I'll check if I still have it.
    Anyway, I'm 5'2 and don't feel that it overpowers me at all!

    Adding the picture (the bag is turned around by the way.)
  8. I love your collection!! :yes:
  9. Aww thanks Missy!! :biggrin:
  10. Awww... Rebecca I miss that pic... You mom looks hott carrying that MC Sologne!!! ;)
  11. Lol I didn't have any room left on there for that picture and I decided that one should get the axe haha. It was old anyway hehe.
  12. Welcome to PF :flowers: ! I agree, get what you love!
  13. OMG Custard.. where on earth do you live? That is tortured. I feel for you girlfriend. I use to live in Brisbane..and that was a hell hole of AUSTRALIA.
  14. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks heaps for all your opinions!

    LVbabydoll - Ooo:huh:o the speedy looks good on ya! I love it!! Okay, I am going to get the BAG!

    LV_Slut - I live in Brunei...Heard of it? The nearest LV boutique is in Singapore...haha! and YES!!! It's torturing!!!! And i thought there's one LV store on Elizabeth St in Brissie? Oh you could drive to surfers? hehe
  15. Wow Brunei ! That's too bad there's no Louis Vuitton store there, but hey, at least it means it's a little easier to resist temptation to max out your card ! :graucho: