multi color metallic miu miu - thoughts?

  1. I am so insane, I have bought many metallic bags lately, a gold prada tote, a silver pebbled leather boston fendi, 2 mj metallic stams (blue python and pink blush) and a chloe; now I am pondering this miu miu (already authenticated here), what do you think??? I am concerned about the shoulder strap having a 23" drop, won't it come to my knees?? Dying to hear your opinions, I think seller will go for $900 but I am also tempted to wait and buy a new Prada in one of the gorgeous spring colors, love the turquoise!!
  2. this bag is on sale at Saks in Denver - call and compare - I can't remember the price
  3. Thanks Alisonanna, this one retailed for $1795 and has the original Saks tag attached so at $900 it seems a good deal. What do you think of it?