multi color LV color coming off

  1. hey guys i have the multi color speedy I love it it's my baby:P but i have noticed that the color is coming off a little on some of the lv's...which i find upsetting considering i paid $1800.00 plus for the bag :hysteric: :hysteric: ...i have gone to the store where i got it 57 st and 5th and was told that does happen...has this happened to anyone else?
  2. I dont have this line long have you had it?
  3. I've seen it happen to MC lines..

    Very common, sorry that it's happened to you..
    I will have to make sure to put my MC bag in the dustbag at all time when I am not using it..
  4. maybe 8 months...
  5. Hm weird. I hope it doesnt happen to mine :sad: best of luck with your though. Maybe you can return it?
  6. On my white mc keepall, I have a few wearing...but I must admit it is 3 years old and in the summers in goes everywhere with me and my family, and has been checked as luggage on 3 trips, that come to mind...maybe more, so I it doesn't bother me. On my other mc pieces, no problems.
  7. I've had my Lodge for about 6 months and no problems yet. My gently used speedy is about a year old and I just noticed some very minor rubbing off on the corners.
    The corners and the bottom are likely to be your biggest areas of rubbing just seems to happen and it sucks!
    BTW other lines like cerises, graffiti, cherry blossom, and groom are all susceptible to this.
  8. :shocked: I've never heard of this problem, obviously I have to start taking better care of my one and only MC! I'm so sorry this happened to your bag
  9. Ice: if you look through the booklet that came with the bag they mention it somewhere in there! My SA was nice enough to warn me about it before I even bought mine.
  10. Thanks twiggers, I've never even thought of reading them :Push:
  11. yea the little booklets say this is a common occurence. i've stopped caring about the colors coming off on my mc cellphone strap and just rock it with all i can. lol. less stressful and more fun anyway.
  12. Yes, it does mention this in the book and something about fading is normal blah, blah, blah and "does not deteriorate the quality of the product".:Push:
    Love the way LV tries to make out like this process is normal, of course it deterioriates the quality of your bag.:cursing: I love LV but they seem to have excuses for any bad quality as normal wear and tear.
  13. I have color rubbing on some of my multicolore pieces, especially around the edges.
  14. well i don't know slayer.. how does COLOR coming off effect the CANVAS? it's not like it's forcing the canvas to tear or rip a hole in the universe or anything.. it's just color flaking off. much like a press-on-tattoo on your skin. it flakes off but it doesn't mean that you're going to die now are you?? lol.
  15. well if all the color would rub off u would be walking around with a white Lv