Multi bag Crossbody - anyone have info or photos?

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  1. So I've fallen in love with this crossbody. But having a lot of difficulty finding ANY info on this bag, especially interior pics. I wonder if it holds enough for travelling (ie is it very flat?)...

    Anyone own one or know where to point me? Thanks!

    PS photo obviously courtesy of Lauren whom I've asked for additional photos but she doesn't have unfortunately so thought I'd ask here...

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  2. I bought a version of this bag last fall as I loved the look-it was two toned and metallic hued....the problem with it is the zipper portion is not that useable-it's deep and not easy to access-totally not practical. And if you put something in there, it really restricts what can be put in the other compartment. I don't need to carry alot either. It also didn't look as nice once it was filled.

    Be sure to try it on with your items in it! I ended up with a CC Eyelet or another crossbody that worked better for me.

    If you're buying it for traveling and need a place for passport etc it may work, but you won't be able to carry anything bulky. The sides are not gusseted. Sorry I couldn't be more SA told me they had been a tough sell....maybe they've changed something if it's been re released?

  3. Thank you soooo much for your thoughts! That's exactly the information I was looking for and concerned about, how much I could put in there and how functional in real life it is! Sounds like the bag itself isn't thick enough to hold much.

    I will be patient and see what's released this year. Saks still had this bag from last Oct so assumed it was a tough sell...

    Appreciate your time posting! 😊
  4. I thought maybe it was a new version. There will be something else I'm sure!