mulling among choices - help!

  1. Um, hello! I'm a newbie in the purse world and have been itching to get a nicer bag than what I'm wearing... like right now! :p I've been reading about purses on this fabulous form and I think I've narrowed it down.

    First, a couple things about me.
    -I abuse my belongings. It's terrible, but I'm absentminded and things just happen??
    -I'm not trendy, but I like trendy. I've just turned 30 and am finally growing up - wearing skirts and accessories. yay! I'm starting to gain confidence in my body.
    -My style of dress is J.Crew, H&M, Nike/Puma, Urban Outfitters because I can't do Anthropologie much. I have always (for over 10 years) worn the slacks with the T look. Very californian. :rolleyes:

    Now, the bags! Can you help? I totally value the opinions of this forum even though I know how different everyone's taste can be. I love soft "smoochy" leather - and I love that word! My preferences are listed here in order. =)
    1. anna corrina, mini city tote in glazed black :heart:
    2. Marc by MJ, Violet Sylvie
    3. Marc by MJ, Kingpin Forbidden Shopper
    4. Hayden-Harnett, Paule Marrot Edition Dominique Hobo

    Aughhhh! I want all of them! Look at the pics, aren't they just sooo pretty??? :girlsigh: ~sigh~
    Anna Corrina.JPG HH Hobo.JPG MBMJ Kingpin.JPG MBMJ Violet.JPG
  2. I'd probably chose the Anna Corrina. Although I don't own one, I think they are nice bags. Plus, it's first on your wish list. Black is all-around good color and it is stylish without being faddish.
  3. I have been loving that HH hobo for awhile is really nice looking and the interior is gorgoeus. The mini city in black is real nice too.
  4. I just got the Anna Corrina mini city in plum and I :heart: it!!

    It seems sooo verastile! I am going on a trip in 2 weeks and can't wait to take it on the plane with me!! On days when I will have a magazine with me, the mini city can easily fit all of my everyday things, with a book, magazine and a little room to go... Then, when we are doing things while I am on vacation, I can take the bag with my regular amount of items and wear it either folded over or up...

    What's not to love!! ;)
  5. Where can you buy the Anna Corinna bags online? Every place I've searched is sold out.
  6. Thank you so much for your input! :shame: I've just had my hopes crushed on what I thought I would like, that when I try them on, it just looks so weird on me? I'm crossing my fingers on the mini city!

    I'm putting in an order for the mini city in the glazed black on active endeavors. I think there's pre-order right now, so I'll let you know, pseub, if I have any luck! And sorry, I was mis-spelling Corinna part of Anna Corinna!
  7. The mini city tote in black is also on revolve clothing for pre-order (although their exp delivery is 30 mar!!!)

    There are some codes floating about for revolveclothing for 30 percent off if u are a new customer i think
  8. The anna corrina is verrrrry sweet:heart:
  9. I'd choose No. 1
  10. between these :




    def. the first one :yes:
  11. Yeah, if it's between these four bags, I would say the Anna one as well. I've never seen one IRL, but the style/quality seems the nicest.
    Just a question -- have you looked extensively at bags? I only ask because I think for the Marc Jacobs bags, there are a lot of nicer, more distinctive styles out there. :yes:
  12. My vote goes to the Anna bag. It's so distinctive, caught my eye right away.
    And I heard great things about the leather. Speaking as someone on a purse ban, the name of Marc Jacobs bag "Forbidden Shopper" cracks me up. :p
  13. chaio, its funny that you say that because though i've been cruising the malls for the past year, i just can't seem to find many MBMJ bags around (i live in SD). i just saw the Violet on someone's arm over ASR and so that was proof enough to me that it was a really cute bag.

    my choices are based on 1) if i like it and 2) brand (bc to me that means rep & usually known quality type, esp when it's reviewed on this board:smile: ) and 3) price range

    awww booo!!!! i just called active endeavors, and i can confirm that they are all sold out for the black. :sad: though they still have tan, i'm not going for that... i must have sounded really sad because the guy gave me the buyer's email to find out when she'll get a new order in. haha btw, i've never seen an Anna one either (though I was very interested in the brand after seeing it in a Lucky mag years ago).

    my price range is around $500 or less, and i've been seriously browsing through threads on the subj. because in the style dept I need help! :shame: bleh
  14. I agree, the anna corinna is gorgeous and versatile...seems like it would go great with jeans and a t shirt or dressed up for work! Good luck getting it!
  15. quick update - no luck on finding the bag in glazed black. (sigh) i searched and searched. think i'll just have to continue the hunt! for now, i'll continue carrying my washable Triple 5 Soul mini messenger bag!

    thank you for your ear and recs!