Mulipocket, Blake, OR....???

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Chose one & advise me please!

  1. Marvelous Multipocket

  2. Beautiful Blake

  3. Neither! I prefer ______

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay so I am getting closer and closer to narrowing down my perfect and classic MJ bag! :yahoo:

    Right now I am torn between the Blake and the Multipocket....but I can't get both...sooo:

    Which do you prefer?
    Which one is more comfortable?
    Which one is more functional?
    Please post pics of either style being worn for comparison! :yes:

    Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. i think it depends on your style. i see blake as being more 'ladylike' and classic, and MP as being a little more 'hip'. for me, the MP (large) is harder to carry under your shoulder, since the bottom is least for me. makes my arm stick out too much, if that makes sense.

    also, small MP probably holds about as much as blake, but large MP would hold a lot more, so that's also a factor.

    you can't go wrong, both are gorgeous :smile:
  3. ps...if it helps the decision-making, there were 2 emerald large MPs at saks in SF last week for 30% off. they were both in great shape, and i just adore that emerald color. if you're interested, i highly recommend talking with jackie in that dept.
  4. Most here wouldn't agree with me, but I think the blake is boring. I don't know... just doesn't do it for me. I'm an MP girl.
  5. blake. but it's so heavy.
  6. I have both...And I agree w/ shoppingsmycard as far as the 'look' you get from each one..I think the blake is more lady-like and formal, where the mp is more hip....However I think you can fit way more in the blake than the (small) mp...I have the small and would like to get a large...The overall size of the sm mp is great.....It fits perfect under my arm....But things get crammed in there if you carry a lot....The blake keeps me VERY organized...You can carry the blake on your shoulder but the straps flop sometimes....I normally carry it on my arm...I love them both...and glad I have both.....I guess if you're trying to choose between the two, I would consider trying to look at them in real life before purchasing...hope this helps....Good luck and keep us posted!! :heart: Emmy
  7. I prefer Blake. =)
  8. :smile: blake maggie:wlae:
  9. Totally 2'nd all this..good luck!!!!
  10. I like the Blake!
  11. Wow! I get back from work to read all of the lovely responses! Thanks a bunch ladies!
    So for my purposes, I am going to rule out the small MP because I need more it is between the Blake & large MP.....
    I would love to see the 2 next to each other!
  12. What colours are you considering for each?
  13. My vote goes to the Beautiful Blake!:yes:
  14. Large MP :yahoo:
  15. I prefer the Blake. I actually have two of them. It can be carried as a satchel or on the shoulder. It has three compartments that keeps everything organized.