Mulberry's Leah Shoulder or Balenciaga's Day Hobo?

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  1. I am thinking of buying Mulberry's Leah Shoulder or Balenciaga's Day hobo in black as my next bag. I found these two quite similar in terms of style. I want to use it as my every day bag.
    Which one will you go for if you compare their price, style, quality ...?
  2. Quite a few of the girls have Mulberry and Balenciaga bags now allywchu. They are probably better placed to comment than me, but I do think the Leah in black looks fab. I think it is lambskin though so it is very soft and slouchy.
  3. Don't know of the Balenciaga so can't be of any help, but Leah i wonderfully soft and leather smell is so yummy.
  4. I have a day and it is the most comfy bag I have. I can't praise it enough. I don't have a Leah though so can't compare.
  5. I don't have any balenciaga or a leah, but the display leah's I've seen in store have lovely smooshy, soft leather :smile:
  6. I am more interested in the style of Leah but Balenciaga's Day looks more classic. Leah's not available in Hong Kong yet!!!! (the store just keeps stocking up Alexa) I can't go check out the bag yet. But I have the lambskin Alexa and love the soft leather of it.
  7. With Balenciaga I find that you need to baby the bag a bit. Moisturise it regularly as the skin can be a bit dry after a while.
    I have a 2007 Twiggy in black and sadly after wearing it constantly for 3 months, one of the piping turned dark green. Except you can manage to get your hands on earlier Balenciaga bag which is goatskin and very durable, the lambskin Balenciaga can be pretty high maintenance.
    I can't comment on the Leah though as I don't own one.
  8. Finally I got to see the Leah shoulder today. a bit disappointed about the Oxblood color and also the shape of the bag. I was expecting Oxblood to be somewhat like dark purple but it's more red. The color of the handle doesn't match the bag well too.
    In short, the bag looks a little clumsy on me and not as delicate as I thought.
    Sad to say that but I think I will go for Bal's Day.
  9. I think the Day might be a bit more classic, and maybe you'll get more use out of it :tup:
  10. Thank you - you've summed up exactly how I feel about my Leah. I purchased it from the JL website and the colour looked dark purple. I was disappointed and have thought about it over the weekend, but have decided to return it. Agree about the handle not matching the bag too.