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  1. ...I think the brand might have lost some of it's oomph of late - for once, with time to kill at the heathrow airport store, I found....nothing....! I wanted to buy...yep, nothing. Not sure whether it's the colours, or new styles - just lacking a certain something. Anyone else the same?!
  2. What was in stock? Did they have the Hayden and Leah range yet.

    I know everyones focus is on Alexa at mo but if she's not for you maybe some of the bags still to come will suit you.

    I'm looking forward to the Hayden shoulder and somone said they'd seen it today on another thread and liked it!!!
  3. Melissa, i think this will be either a very lean season for me, ar a time when i develop the vintage side of my collection :graucho:.....there is nothing really attracting me - but i guess Mulberry cannot please all of the people all of the time.....but I am with you on this!
  4. Heathrow never has much tbh! I would still have a look at the website and see what has come out and what is coming soon! You may be surprised, but I yearn for a lean season lol to stop me wanting everything ;)