Mulberrys GALORE!

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to let you know if you're a Mulberry fan--the Nordstrom in my area, San Diego--has TONS of them. They've got them in all sorts of colors and styles--black, green, tan, cream, etc. If you're looking for the one that you just can't find, might want to give them a call--it's likely that they have it.

    Their number is 619-629.295.4441. Ask for Joseph--he's very nice and helpful.
  2. hey i live in san diego too! :smile:
  3. Too funny Heartfelt. Glad to know there are other purse people out in SD. Most people seem to be into Juicy, Tylie Malibu, and some weird brand that the salesperson at Nordstrom pointed out to me. It's like Tylie, but has WAY more bling and funky Western straps and buckles... I can't remember the name of it... Oh well.
  4. That must be the Nordstrom at Fashion Valley. Or UTC? I used to live in SD and I was just there last week. I was going to check out NM in Fashion to see if they finally have the Balenciaga. Does the Nordstrom there carry Chloe too?
  5. The Mulberrys are at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom. They also have Chloes there--they have the Paddington in cream, cognac, anthracite (?), and I think a gray color. They also have a ton of silverados--metallic pewter, brown, tan, etc. The NM does have a few Balenciagas--just saw them tonight. I don't know the styles--but I think it's the motorcycle (the one that Nicky Hilton has tons of...) is in blue and white. They had other styles that I'm not as familiar with. Give them a call--hopefully they can help.
  6. Yes, this is the Fashion Valley store, I recognize the phone number. They do have Chloe's. I just found that out today. Apparently they will be getting new Paddy's soon (13 of them). They're unsure of the color. They have two of the cream color paddy's...and also a few Silverado's. The UTC store has only a couple Silverado's! I'm going tomorrow to pick out my Chloe (I ended up buying the Chocolate paddy on the phone because they wouldn't hold it for me).
  7. I can't believe they wouldn't hold it for you over the phone! That's odd. They've got quite a few Paddy's and TONS of Silverados... I think I even saw a cream Paddy hobo tonight.
  8. I know!!! I told them I would come in tomorrow. She said they had the cream paddy on the floor. She found the brown in the back. I haven't seen the color in person, so the only thing I could do is buy it over the phone, then if I don't like it when I go in tomorrow, I'll return it. But...she did hold the Silverado in tan, and the YSL muse for me to look at. She said the paddy's have had such a long waitlist, that she couldn't hold it. I spoke to the assistant mgr. That's OK. Nordy's is good with returns. I'll check out the Balanciaga's at Neiman's too. The only thing, is that Neiman's doesn't take Credit cards. I hate that.
  9. The salesperson that I loved there is no longer there, but I was chatting with Joseph tonight--he's nice, not at all pushy and will be honest about something not being attractive... :smile:

    Anyways, he told me that they had a list of 200 that wanted to be contacted when the Paddys came in. Maybe that's why they won't do a hold... They had a few Silverados in different colors, so you should compare what they've got.

    I hate that NM only takes Amex and their card. I finally had to break down and get their card when the shoe guy wouldn't do a presale with a check. So dumb because EVERY OTHER department would do a presale with a check. Sometimes that store irritates me! Nordy's is so much better!
  10. We're so going off the original thread... Oh well, but I also heard tonight that apparently the South Coast Plaza Nordy's has a mini "Chloe" boutique--like what they have at the Fashion Valley Nordy's for YSL. So they have an agreement to always keep that "boutique" well-stocked. Just an idea if you're ever hunting for Chloe--might be a good place to start.

    Oh--they have quite a few of the YSL Muse--is only the "large" size the Muse? Anyways, they had white, black, brown, and olive green in different sizes...
  11. I was told by my Nordstrom SA here in Santa Clara that because they did so well selling the Paddingtons last season, they're getting/got a lot this time. She's been trying to sell me another PAddy but I'm happy with my black one. I'm eyeing the Silverado this time and the canvas logo for travel.

    I thought NMs waiting list for the Balenciaga was long. Hmmm...I wonder if they have Work bag. I'm calling tomorrow. BTW, the FV store just started carrying the Balenciaga. SF used to be the only one in Cali to carry them.

    Thanks for the info.
  12. Neiman's is pushy sometimes too. They follow you around. I used to go there for LV's and other high end bags that Nordy's doesn't carry. I love they're right across from each other. But, I won't break down and get their card. I have too many as it is.

    The only Neiman's I know of that takes credit cards is in Vegas. I like their store there. But their bags go quick, probably because of all the tourists!
  13. Not Visa and Mastercard anyway. Argghhh...learned that the hard way. I ended up writing a check for the Balenciaga. :weird:
  14. I can't tell the Balenciagas apart--I'm not that much of a fan of their purses. Anyways, they had about 4-5 of them--I think they're new. So give them a call in the a.m.--hope they have what you want.

    Only the NM in Vegas will take Visa/Mastercard b/c they got so many complaints from tourists. I know the one in San Diego will take the card if you're a non-US citizen. They'll let you use your card in customer service to buy a gift card.
  15. i don't really see that many designer handbags around campus (UCSD! :biggrin:) but when i do it's just some dooney and bourke, coach, and juicy. i thought people in la jolla would be carrying LVs and chloes and whatnot, i mean it's la jolla! but then again, we are a public school. :lol::lol: oh god but i've seen some terrible fakes. i've seen girls with fake paddys, gucci horsebit hobos, speedys, and spys. i mean, if you can't afford it, then just get a regular bag to put your books in! i mean my bookbag is from express! hahha :biggrin: