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  1. I just saw 2 Phoebes in the sale bin at Saks yesterday... Sorry, I didn't look at the price. I have to say, I don't love the bag... it's cute in pictures, but the leather is thick and the bag is heavy.
  2. A genuine Mulberry Phoebe will have very thick, chunky leather. You need close ups so you can see the zip pulls and hardware which should all have the Mulberry tree. The leather on the Phoebe is also very mat and not at all shiny or soft. Have a look at their site so you can compare - Mulberry - as the Phoebe is on there in the shopping online section. This bag on eBay looks OK but I would ask for close up pics to be absolutely sure as it's difficult to tell at that distance.
  3. It's very difficult to judge from photo's alone. I have one fake mulberry elgin ( but that's another story!) and a genuine Annie. As an experiment I photographed them both to see if you can see a difference in the quality of the leather which IRL is so obvious- it was almost impossible to tell from the photo's. Even the hardware on the fake bag looks pretty genuine in piccies! Unless it's a protected paypal auction I'd give it a miss. ( But then I've had a bad experience on e-bay so extra cautious - see my thread on ' What to do with a fake bag?')
  4. Okay, I recived the purse today so I took some pics.

    The purse is heavy! :p And a mat but shiny under lights. Leather is thick and hard. And it sure smells like leather :graucho:

    And here is one thing i find funny..the seller told me the purse retails for 1199 + tax but on the reciept it says 199.87 + tax so the total was 211.97 :confused1:

    Need any more pics? I hope there's a friendly soul out there that can help me :graucho:
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  6. The bag certainly looks like a genuine Phoebe. Over here (in the UK) the bag retails for just under £600. .
  7. Well thank you! I think it's a keeper :smile: I don't have any Mulberry stores around me so I will have to wait until the summer to get it checked properly..;)
  8. I just need to ask about the Nordstrom rack. Where can I find it and what is it? Nordstrom but reduced prices? I saw that the Phoebe was from there. :p
  9. Nordstrom Rack is Nordstrom's outlet - prior season items and whatnot. I love Nordstrom Rack - awesome deals!
  10. Oh cool! Thank you. I don't know much about the american stores..I just moved to Canada from Sweden some months ago so I'm still new to all this :p

    They got the Nordstrom rack everywhere?